Website Misconceptions

Is a good website really that important?

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We've discovered that many business owners have some dangerous misconceptions about their website and internet presence which is limiting their growth and success. Don't let these misconceptions limit your success.

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is a website really that important?

YES! And with every passing day it becomes even more so.

Millions of people search the internet every hour. It is now, the primary source of investigative information and without a website you’re virtually invisible.  People search the internet before almost every buying decision. They use it to obtain information, do research, find suppliers and vendors, and to access reviews or check the reliability or authenticity of a business or service. A website is an indispensable business asset.

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i already have a website. why do i need to update it?

Your business changes over time. Does your website reflect those changes?

Your customers expect current and relevant information, and frankly so do the search engines. Google, Bing, and other search engines continually strive to provide searchers with the best information relevant to their search terms. If your website is outdated and stale, search engines have no reason to show it as a good source of current information.

Furthermore, search engines now require that all websites be both secure and mobile compatible if your site does not comply, the search engine will lower your page ranking.

In addition to receiving a lower page ranking a website that is not compatible with mobile viewing is frustrating to use on a smart phone where over 70% of all searches originate. You have about 8 seconds to make an impression on a website visitor. If you frustrate them in that crucial first 8 seconds, they will just click off your site and move on to your competition and may never interact with your business again.  

An outdated website means you’re losing business opportunities every day.

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Can I just use my Facebook page instead of a website?

No! Facebook is not a substitute for a website.

It is a social platform that has some adaptations for business use, but it’s primarily a place for social interaction.  Many people are not even Facebook users, so you limit the number of people you can reach by using Facebook instead of a website. Your Facebook page should point people back to your website and play a supportive role in your overall web presence, not be a substitute for a robust and authentic website.

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do online directories matter?

Yes. Online directories get very high page ranking.

The high ranking of online directories gives you more connection opportunities with your prospective clients. Your listing in these directories may be an additional place internet searchers can find you. Additionally, providing complete directory information should include a link to your website. Inbound links demonstrate to search engines that your product or service can be found ubiquitously on the internet.  That in turn, will elevate your page ranking.  Directory links, social links, blog links, guest blogger posts or any other quality website that links back to your site gives your website more legitimacy. You get to the point of ISYE (I've Seen You Everywhere) with your clients.  That give you more name recognition and credibility even with people who have never used your product or service. Directory listings take some time to set-up but they are free inbound links and worth the effort.

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Isn’t social media just a waste of time?

No! Search engines now expect web assets to have a ubiquitous presence on the internet.

They no longer rank a web page just on the basis of that website’s stand-alone attributes. They look for cross referencing, inbound links, and multiple channels for each asset. If your product or service is only listed one time on a website, it may be overlooked by the search engines, since it cannot be cross referenced to other platforms.  

Yes, it takes time to post on multiple platforms but the benefits of raising your company’s profile on the internet and driving more traffic to your website is worth the extra time.  Posting on a blog, and/or social platforms serves two purposes. It helps you reach a wider audience and it helps to improve the page ranking of your website.

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Is your website current and complete?

Your customers expect current, accurate information.

An out of date website is easily detectable by web visitors and it subtly communicates that you may not be taking care of business.  Instead of building trust, it undermines it ,and gives your prospective clients all the wrong impressions.  An outdated website will also not be recognized by the search engines as the most relevant information based on search terms, so your business will not be getting any extra help from search engines, when it’s out of date and stale.